I put off my knitting/crafting update so that I could show you some actual finished objects.

Earlier this month, I went on a brief sewing binge, throwing together three basic skirts to wear to work. I am sick to death of khakis and slacks. I’ve never liked either of those (just listen to them. One sounds kind of like a sneeze and the other sounds about as flattering as most of the dress pants I’ve been able to find).

This one is my favorite, but I’m going to have t   o take in the waistband about half an inch:


I also pulled out two pieces of stash fabric that I’ve been sitting on since college. This one I knew when I bought I wanted to make a skirt, but I was having trouble nailing down exactly how I wanted to make it. I finally sat down made it, and the best part is, it has pockets!


(Actually, the blue one also has pockets. More skirts/dresses need to have pockets.)

This last one is a remake of a skirt I made in college that no longer fits properly. Is it redundant to have two nearly identical skirts? Maybe. But it’s a good basic, I like it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough fabric to add pockets to this one, but at least I got two pieces of fabric out of storage. And it only took me about 3-4 hours to make all of them.


The last thing I’ve been working on this month has been a crocheted, beaded reticule, which will be going to it’s new home tomorrow.IMG_3224

This bag almost didn’t exist. To start with, it involved about five million pre-strung beads (not really. But there’s a lot). I had just finished crocheting the base and set it aside for a break, when a certain demon masquerading as a kitten got his claws into it. He stole the entire project bag, ran around the apartment 2-3 times, then dumped the project bag in the litter box, grabbed the project, tearing off down the hall with it. He ran around our kitchen island a few times, snapping the working yarn in the process and sending beads EVERYWHERE.

Finally, he ran to hide under Missouri’s bed, where his (not-so) Secret Stash of Stolen Socks and Knitwear is hidden. We managed to fish out what was left of the project.

The cat, who is slightly smarter than he looks, hid under the bed for over an hour before sneaking out again.