The Un-Illustrated Edition

One of these days, I’m going to remember to take actual photos when I go to Symposium. I swear, it will happen.


Every year, I pack my camera, charger, cord, and extra battery with the intention of drafting 1-3 blog posts while I’m away. I think about the types of things I want pictures of, and the things I want to do.

And every year, all of that goes out the window. I usually realize around noon on Sunday that I have at most 3 hours of convention left, and haven’t taken any photos.

Even if I don’t have photographic proof, I can tell you that I had a lot of fun. Friday was relatively quiet, but we did go to the first session of the Writer’s Workshop, sampled some tea and sweets, and made our first tour of the vendor’s room, where I picked up this beauty* for $15:

pen cat

*Feline overlord sold separately.

Day two was all about creating. The second session of the writer’s workshop triggered a really good conversation about pitching, queries, and the business of writing that will likely find it’s way into another panel next year. It also looks like Missouri and I will be leading a panel (or maybe two or three) next year, which should be fun.

This is the part where I would usually talk about my costumes, etc, but I don’t have the pictures to illustrate. For day one, I did a modified version of my 1860s dress, adding a little more brass and leather to steampunk it up a little more.

Day two was my blue walking dress. Overall, I like this outfit very much, but I keep thinking about making changes to it. I think that in the future (though maybe not next year) there might be a walking dress 2.0 that shows up.

Day three was unfortunate in that I forgot one of the key pieces (a jacket) and haven’t been able to find a good hat. So, my steampunk Dorothy Gale became A Very Cold Ravenclaw, since I’d replaced the jacket with my Ravenclaw cardigan (and really, why do hotels and public places insist on keeping the AC on year round? It snowed while we were there, for crying out loud).

Wearing the outfit, even in it’s incomplete state, did give me some ideas for changes I’d like to make to it for next year. Looks like I’m going back to the drawing board on that one.

In a shocking twist, I didn’t buy any books this year. Not a single one. There didn’t seem to be the variety of books we’ve had in the past, and I’d already read or owned 2/3 of what was on display. But, there were a lot of new vendors this year, so there was variety in other things–mechanical animals that moved/made noise; lots of costumers and leather workers, and several people making steampunk mods of various things–guns, boxes, jewelry, etc. I’m going to have to save up for next year!


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  1. Good to get away and have some fun even if you do not take photos for your blog.
    There is always next year and plenty of time to find an old type camera with bellows and mount a spanking new small digicam in it to take digital photos with an old looking camera. Image, even a real flash bulb attachment with a strobe hidden in it.


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