FO Friday

IMG_2968It’s been a slow month in terms of knitting; only 2 things to show you this time around.

I’m slowly adding edging to all of my handkerchiefs. I usually carry 1-2 with me whenever I’m in the village.

My second project would not in any way ever pass for historical costuming. It was, however, bright and cheerful and exactly what I needed during our last bout of grey, dreary, Ohio winter, and seemed to be the jump start that spring needed. The colors are more vibrant in person.

Almost as soon I wove it in the ends, of course, it became too warm to wear. I think it will probably end up as a Christmas gift since the last thing I need is another hat.

Now if I could just finish all of the projects I started last month, that’d be great.

IMG_2951_medium2 IMG_2953_medium2