Marching On

It’s kind of funny; the New Year always fills people with a sense of optimism, of expectation and hope. But it has been my experience that the first three months of the year are the hardest to get through.

So far 2016 has not been an exception to that rule. My fingers are crossed that I will make it to the end of June unscathed, because right now it really feel questionable.

photo 2
*Kitty snuggles and feline supervision are also key elements to successfully handling stress and anxiety. Hermes is usually happy to comply, but only from about two inches outside of arm’s reach.

I’d rather not go into details; suffice to say that March has been really hard, even if we are only seven days in. I’ve already had a couple of major setbacks, and have spent the past two days developing a plan of action to deal with the aftermath.

My coping method has involved many, many mindless hours in front of the TV (my current Happy Place is apparently Central City*). I haven’t even wanted to knit until recently. I haven’t been reading much, either.

But my brain is starting to recover, so I’m looking ahead, planning things for The Spider’s Web release, and trying to imagine what my cover art will look like. In the coming weeks, I’ll be releasing some character bios and other preview/teaser info to give you a taste of what’s to come.

Now I just need to get through the rest of March.