goals 2016

February Wrap Up

  1. Be active for 30 minutes 5x per week.
    Let’s not talk about this one. I’ve been sick on and off since December, both mentally and physically, and the weather hasn’t helped. Doing better this week, though.
  2. Polish 3 manuscripts
    Thank you to everyone who offered congratulations on my upcoming publication (May 4, in case you missed it!). I have already started working on book 2, slightly ahead of schedule. The project I’d set aside to work on in January and February is behind schedule, but coming along. It doesn’t rank very high on my priority list, so I’m not worried about it being a little behind.
  3. Pay off 2 debts

I also read 5 books and 3 graphic novels in February. I don’t usually count American comics towards my reading goals (I do count manga because they have a high page count and a higher story:page ratio most of the time), but I’m using Goodreads to track where I am in the series, and Goodreads counts them, so I guess they are going on the list this year.