Finished Objects

I swear that I have been doing a lot of knitting–at least two hours, nearly every night–but you can’t really tell. The socks still haven’t reached the heel. The arm warmers are still less than half done. I’ve given up on the vest completely, trying to finish the two smaller items. the only thing I’ve managed to complete is the washcloth:


Which really feels anticlimactic after everything I did in December and January.

I know that I’ve been productive, but things like doing the dishes and vacuuming and cleaning the cat box are not only less interesting and less fun to do, but they are recurring things. One thing that I love about knitting and writing is that when I’m done with something, I’m done. I can point to it and say, “This is complete. This is where my time went.” Meanwhile there will be two plates and a saucepan in the sink before the dishwasher is done with it’s cycle, the cat uses the box immediately after it’s cleaned, and the morning after I sweep we end up tracking salt from the sidewalk into the living room.

Maybe next month I’ll have a little bit more to show for my efforts.