In Character, the Sequel

One bittersweet part of 2016 is that it means a transition in the village–a shift of 30 years, from the 1860s to the 1890s. While I am looking forward tot eh change, it is sad to say goodbye to the ’60s, and to Lucy Spinnerman. That’s right, Lucy is being retired after only a year.

For the 1890s, I will be keeping some aspects of her character, but many thing will be changing.

Like last year, I’ll walk you through the aspects of her character & costume, but i’ll be a little less in-depth this time around, since we’ve done this before.

Unlike Lucy, Miss Charlotte Brown is not a lady of society. She dropped out of finishing school after her father died, taking the remainder of her tuition money and most of the family’s savings to the city where she enrolled in secretarial school. With the money from her first job, she purchased a typewriter, and set herself up as a freelance typist.

She is a stubborn, working class girl who doesn’t have time for things like courtship (since she’s also my age, that ship has pretty much sailed for her, anyway).

Between now and the village opening in May, I’ll show you some of her costume pieces and props. Some may be familiar, some are so new they haven’t even been made yet!

It will be interesting to see what changes 30 years makes.

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  1. No matter which character, it sounds like a fun job.

    You’re also moving into the decade of my great grandfather on my grandmother’s side and great grandmother on my grandfathers side. I had the privilege of knowing both well into my school years.


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