A Mess of Finished Objects

I have been massively productive on the knitting since I went on my holiday hiatus. Most of these things are gifts, but a few I made for myself.

This year was unusual, in that I actually had knitwear requests from family members. Usually they are pretty ambivalent to my knitting (I think “tolerant” might be a better word), so I was more than happy to comply, if a little wary of how the final project might be received.

photo_1_smallMy grandma requested a cowl for Christmas, in red and gray. I wasn’t sure what kind of fit she wanted, so I made two. The top, poorly photographed one uses a 1 row lace pattern that does not photograph very well on that yarn. This is a looser fabric that drapes a bit better and can be worn over turtlenecks (which is what my grandma usually wears in the winter).

For those cool days of fall and spring when the turtleneck isn’t necessary, I used the leftover to make a snugger fitting neckwarmer in a plain rib:


She also gave me a knit headband that she had, and asked me to make her another in a different color. The end result was this:




Last year I mentioned off-handedly that I had seen patterns for knitted and crocheted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle gear, and my then 7-year-old cousin got very excited by this prospect, so he got a hat/mask combo in the color of his favorite Turtle, Michelangelo (he has good taste. Mikey was my favorite at that age, too).





My dad went in for back surgery in the middle of December, and a family friend has been staying with my parents for a few weeks now to help out, since Mom can’t drive and they are pretty isolated where they live. I’d forgotten I even had this yarn in my stash, but it sparkles just a little and it is in Ruth’s favorite colors of green and purple. She was so excited about it that she didn’t even see what else was in her gift bag (hand lotion) for another two days!



The last gift on my list was a cap that I made for my uncle. He lives up in the Great White North, so this hat can be worn as you see on the left….






Or with the brim folded up for an extra layer of warmth. It’s also really, really soft.





This next round I guess you could call presents for me, since I’ll be the end user for most of them. One might fight it’s way into a gift box at some point, but we’ll just have to see.

DSCF1079_medium2The first thing I finished were the Cursed Nightmare Village socks. I started these all the way back in and kept having to rip them out or start over or set them aside for various reasons. I am still not 100% pleased with them, but they are done and that is the important thing. After this, I think I’ve decided that I will not be using Patton’s Serenity Garden yarn for any more socks. I still have 4 balls in my stash that I had wanted to make socks out of, but I just don’t think this yarn is very comfortable for that. I also found several joins in this batch, which just added to the frustration of making them.




A happier project is the gloves I made with some leftover yarn. They are nice and snug (which means they add a little support to sore hands and wrists)  and use my favorite colors. I’m thinking about diving into our bin of leather scraps and adding some pads to the palms so that these can become my new biking gloves.





More recently, I finished off another pair of socks. These actually use a pattern, Hermione’s Everyday Socks. They came out pretty well, but a little on the small side (I accidentally decreased too much on the gusset), so they may end up as a gift. I still have more of the yarn in a different color, so I might make another pair for myself. I do like the pattern, but would prefer a longer leg. And obviously, a wider foot!


My most recent finished object is another headband. This time, I decided to delve into the world of double knitting, and made one that is reversible:










Since double knitting is a new-to-me technique, I did use a pattern for this just to get started, but once I got the stitch pattern down I only needed to look at the instructions for the bindoff. I’m starting another double knit project now, but you won’t get to see it until next week!