Writing Goals for 2016

I’m trying something new this year. I’m going to try to plan out my writing production/editing/etc to try to make my time more organized and balanced, instead of bouncing from one thing to another at random (there will still be bouncing, but I hope that it will be a little less like a sugar-addled Tigger on a trampoline and more like a very coordinated gymnastics routine).

My list probably looks pretty nonsensical to anyone but me (have I mentioned that I am HORRIBLE at coming up with titles? Because I am. I’m terrible at making up names for things), but I think it’s doable. Of course, I’m saying that now in the same way the people always say “I’ve got a whole year to reach my goal; that’s plenty of time!” And then some time in October they realize they only have two and a half months left in that year and find themselves scrambling.

Based on my past work, I think this is doable. Yes, it will certainly keep me busy, but I think it can be done since I’ll only be writing 2 novels from scratch (one of which I have started and scrapped about four times) and the rest are all either revisions, rewrites, or works in progress that are at least half done, anyway. If I meet every one of those deadlines, then I’ll have six, possibly 7 books that I can query, representing 1 standalone, 3 series, and 1 that could go either way.

*Cracks knuckles* Let’s do this.