2016 Reading Goals

DSCF1083So, I did a pretty good jo  b last year with my reading. I meant to take it easy and read fewer books, and while I did (about 8 fewer than last year), I read a lot more long books. My page count for 2015 was actually almost equal to 2014 according to Goodreads, but I also beta-read 2 books that haven’t been published yet, so I was probably about 400 pages over that amount.

Anyway, I do have a few books I want to read in the coming year.

Just a few.

I’ve actually knocked a few off of that list already, reading them in the last few weeks of 2015 or in the first few days of 2016, but I still have a lot of books that I bought last year (or even the year before) that I haven’t gotten to yet. So no buying more books until I managed to get my TBR down to just one shelf, instead of three.


Next year, I want to read more diverse books. I also want to get back to my favorite genre, Urban Fantasy, which I barely touched last year.

As to the number of books? I thought I would start where I left off, and set my goal for 75 books. What about you? Are you participating in a reading challenge this year, or just taking it as it comes?