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2015 Goals: Pass or Fail?

I feel like 2015 was a very mediocre year, in which I worked really hard and failed at everything.

  1. Do something active 4x per week.
    For most of this year I was very conscious of my diet and activity level, and the end result is that I weigh more now than when I started, and I need to buy new work pants.
    I guess the bright side would be that I have less back/shoulder pain now than I did at the start of 2015, and when I do have it it’s easier to manage.I just wish I didn’t have to buy new clothes.
  2. Travel
    Other than our yearly trip to Symposium, I didn’t go anywhere. Our plans for Gettysburg fell through. We are trying to put together something bigger and better for 2017, in the hopes that 2 years of advanced planning will be enough for us to get the funds together.
  3. Send out 2 queries per month
    A total of 47 queries were sent out in 2015, well over my goal. I guess that means I trounced this goal soundly.
  4. Pay off debt
    Slight inroads made on this one. I actually gained debt in 2015 when I had a dramatic and unexpected flat tire, but I was able to pay it off in 2015, too, as well as making a little progress on my student loans.

Maybe not a total loss over all, but I’m still not happy with the results.

2 thoughts on “2015 Goals: Pass or Fail?”

  1. Hope you have a great new year!

    Good list of goals.

    I find 1 easy to do, but I do not watch my diet. We eat tons of fish and fresh veggies (except when I am out and about on my own).

    2, sometimes the best made plans and trips are those that just happen when one realizes, “Hey, I have a few dollars, plenty to my CC limit, the car works, the weather is fine…let’s go (and then take off to a get-away)

    I hope I never need to do 3 again.

    4. Well, let’s say (and I hope things are different for you) I’ve been doing this since I was about 20. I completed my end of year finances last week end and find I’m still in debt!

    My you be the lucky recipient of the correct 400 million 6 numbers!


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