Top New to Me Authors of 2015

Author: Rainbow Rowell
Book read: Fangirl
Genre: YA, romance

I read so many series books that sometimes a stand alone is a nice change of pace.

The best way that I can describe her style is to call it “soft.” This was in part due to the nature of the book and the main character. Her writing evokes feelings of comfort, but this doesn’t detract from sad or funny scenes, or stop a characters righteous anger from coming through. Fangirl was a sweet story, and every time I set the book aside I wanted to pick up one of my books and start writing.

It’s not often that I read the same book twice in a single calendar year, but this one I did–Once in February, and once in November. The second read was just as good as the first, and I finally broke down and bought a copy. I figure that if a book demands that strongly for me to reread it, then I’d better keep a copy on hand.

Author: Robyn Schneider
Book read: The Beginning of Everything, Extraordinary Means
Genre: YA, Contemporary

I was first introduced to Robyn Schneider through her youtube channel. I found her by accident was was immediately charmed by her cheerful wit. This was right around the time that she received a contract for her first book (The Beginning of Everything) and I earmarked it as something I wanted to read.

Both of her books are funny and off-beat, emotional roller coasters with get-you-in-the-gut endings. I have a whole post planned to talk about her books, so stay tuned.

Author: Diana Gabaldon
Book read: Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber
Genre: Historical fiction, Romance

Diana Gabaldon is enjoying something of a Renaissance lately thanks to the Outlander tv show. I decided that I wanted to read the first book before the tv show started, and I’m glad I did. The show is one of the best book-to-screen adaptions I’ve seen.

Her books are dense; they take me a while to read each volume, which is why I’ve only gotten through two this year (I’ve also been reading some unusually long books lately…), but they are filled with everything–a little magic, a lot of history. Some science, and some humor. Action, drama, romance. Which really just makes me think of this:

So those are my top 3 new-to-me authors of 2015 (so far. I’m still reading!). What are yours?