The 12 Movies of Christmas

Last year I struggled to find good Holiday movies to watch in December. I found a few new ones in the process, and tracked down some old favorites. I realize that this is probably a pretty non-standard list. What movies are on yours?

1. Little Women (1949)
The first third of this movie is all Christmas, and it’s probably my favorite Christmas scene ever. Is it any wonder that ten years later, this section was cut out and released as a tv movie for Christmas?

2. Hogfather
It’s funny, steampunk, just a little magical and involves a sarcastic woman with a sword. Is there anything not to like?

3. The Christmas Candle
Usually I don’t go for religious movies, but this one was not preachy, it was beautifully made, and it had a lovely story to it.

4. Annie (1999)
I love Little Orphan Annie, always have. I like the 1982 version with Carol Burnett year round, but watch this one specifically at Christmas.

5. The Nutcracker
There are loads of different versions, and I tend to watch a different one each year. Sometimes it’s a stage production or a recording thereof; sometimes it’s a cartoon or a live action, or an adaptation that is merely “inspired by” the original. My favorite version was from a few years ago, when my mom and I went to see Ballet Met at the Ohio Theater.

6. The Garfield Christmas Special
It’s sacrilege, I know. But I would much rather watch the Garfield holiday special than Charlie Brown’s Christmas.

7. The Unquiet Dead
Technically, this is an episode of Dr. Who. And not even a Christmas special at that. But it is still one of my all time favorite DW episodes and fits perfectly with the season. Particularly when one is a volunteer for the local historical society’s Dickens of a Christmas holiday program.

Of course, you could probably tack on the proper Christmas specials right after this. 🙂

8. Gundam Wing Endless Waltz
Yes, this is the OVA of an anime (that means it was a direct-to-video cut that wrapped up the series). So sue me. I wore out the VHS tape of Endless Waltz when I was in high school.

9. Beauty and the Beast
Okay, so this isn’t actually a traditional Christmas movie. But it was the first movie I ever saw in theaters, in December, 1991 on the one day a year when my mom and I went to the mall and to the movies. I still associate this movie with Christmas for that reason.

10. Home Alone
Because I’m just twisted, I guess. (The fact that this has been my favorite holiday movie since I was a kid probably explains a lot about me.)

11. Arthur Christmas
I didn’t think I would like this movie when it first came out. But it makes me laugh, and that automatically gives it a spot on the list.

12. Rise of the Guardians
Confession: This movie makes my cry. Every. Damn. Time.

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