Finished Object Friday

Hermes is always willing to help with photography.

I’m late, but I’m back! It’s been a while since I’ve had a crafty Friday post for you. I promise that I did do crafty things in the month of November, though! I have proof!

My first project isn’t terribly exciting. It’s actually the last thing I made.

A friend over on Ravelry has been having a hard time, so I knitted a blanket square. Another Raveler will be compiling more of these from other friends to create a comfort blanket for her. I used leftover yarn from another project I completed this month, seen below.

bias knit blanket square, knit in two colors of Loops & Threads Elegance, “Smoky Plum” and “Ocean.”


The project it was used for originally is pictured here: my NanoWrimo cowl!

This cowl tracks my daily writing goals through the month of November. Each row represents 500 words, or a part thereof. On days that I met my goal, there is a blue stripe. Days that I exceeded my goal are purple. Between each day there is a single row of white, and I also used white for days where I didn’t quite make my word count.DSCF0999

The yarn is Malibrigo Lace, but I have no idea what colorway since the ball band got mixed up with something else.

My last project is a lace shrug. I adapted it from this pattern, scaling it down for a much thinner yarn. I love the end result. This is my first foray into lace. I can do repeating patterns like this, which are easy to keep track of, but have not had success in the past with more complex things. I’m actually really surprised that this came out so well!

I did have a bit of leftover yarn which I used to make a pare of cuffs. No pictures of those, though, because it is really hard to photograph things on your own hands, and they just don’t look right when they are laid out flat.












I have one more project on the go right now, and then I’ll be starting all new stuff. I have two sweaters planned for the new year. Wish me luck–I’m going to need it!