Well, that was a Surprise.

Somehow I missed the fact that I achieved my reading goal for the year two months early.


The scary thing is that I’ve been on a book buying binge, and I’ve got at least 5 more books I want to read before the end of the year–plus the 4 I’m currently reading. In theory, I can do it. I am no stranger to reading a book a week, and have, in fact, been averaging more than that (as evidenced by the image to the left) but all of those 5 new books are physical copies. I read physical books the slowest, since they usually sit by my bed. I read about 25 pages at a time, right before bed most nights.

My moderate speed books are my ebooks. My kindle lives in my purse, and I’ve also got the kindle app on my work phone, so I’ll usually read while I’m making my calls at work–thirty minutes of listening to phones ring, and the variations on the same automated voicemail message. I can usually read 2-4 pages a day just waiting for people to pick up their phones, and another 25 pages at lunch.

My fastest books are audiobooks. I love to listen to these when I’m a work. Usually I listen to classics or nonfiction, because I’m a very emotional reader, prone to making faces or laughing or crying depending on the scene (note to self: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is not a good book to listen to at work. Ask me how I know). I’ve also recently started listening to them on faster speeds. Fiction usually gets 1.25 speed, while nonfiction gets 1.5. If I really like a narrator, then I’ll listen to it at normal speed, but I haven’t had a narrator that I’m really in love with in quite a while. In fact, the last few narrators have been mediocre at best.

Looks like I need to get off the internet and get reading.


Pray for the world: Paris, Beirut, Bagdad, China, Mexico.