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Nano Check in

How’s it going? Have you been meeting your goals? Has the story taken a dramatic left turn that has forced you to abandon your outline and pants it?

I’ve been trying to put in 2,000 words every day, just so that I can build up a backlog for days when things don’t go so well, I have a buffer. Which is good, since Friday I wasn’t feeling well and did not meet my goal.

It was my personal goal to hit 20,000 words by Sunday night, but I didn’t quite make it. I could have probably squeezed in those last 800 words, but after writing 4,000+ words on the typewriter and then copying them back into the document on my computer, my hands were pretty much done in.

The Sterling is my secret weapon. I know that if I pull it out for a write in, there is a good chance that I’ll be putting in at least 5,000 words. If I use my laptop, I’ll struggle just to meet the 1,667 goal.

A part of me still wishes that I could take the Woodstock to write ins, but I am not about to be hauling around 40lbs of typewriter!

I’m currently sitting at 19,258, so I’ve got three days “in the bank.” I think there are two, maybe three chapters left in this book, about 20,000 words total, so I will definitely be finishing this story by November 30, and will have to move on to something else if I want to make 50,000 words. I haven’t decided if I will move on to book 3 in the series, or give some love to the character who showed up out of the blue the last week of October and DEMANDED not just a novel, but a trilogy (and now she also wants a spin off…ARG!).

Muses…can’t get anything done with or without them.

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