Finished Object Friday

My mojo has just been gone this month. My knitting is slow, my reading is slow, and my writing has been slowest of all. I’ve only managed two small projects this month, though I hope to have another one done by Saturday night. Right now though it is just a jumble of pieces that would be  pretty unrecognizable if I took a picture.

What I have finished hasn’t been that exciting. First, there was a tea cozy. A plain, boring, single crochet tea cozy that I whipped up in 2 hours because I needed to hide my (rather modern looking) teapot while at the Village for All Hallows Eve. I have learned over the past two years that it is a good idea to have a pot of tea at hand, because it is invariably cold and there is a LOT of talking involved. Having a pot of sweat tea is very soothing for my voice and my frozen fingers.

Notes for next year: switch to decaff. Why on earth did I decided to drink an entire pot of black tea at 8 pm???

My second FO of the month is a pair of handwarmers. Nothing too exciting–I actually made them to wear when biking, since they have a snugger fit than all of my others. Of course, almost as soon as I finished them, I discovered a problem with my bike. I can’t find the source, so I suspect that there may be a trip to the LBS in my future. In the mean time, I’m somewhat afraid to ride it, since the front end of the bike has been groaning/creaking when I go over bumps or shift from a sitting to standing position. I wouldn’t be worried, except that it just started about two weeks ago. I was able to reduce the noise by tightening a loose cam, but while it helped it hasn’t fixed the problem entirely. I guess that it is a good thing October is almost over, along with biking season–I’m a fair-weather athlete only! I do not do rain or cold!

This is about what I looked like the last time I got caught in the rain.


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  1. Kitty is so cute. Looks a bit upset, but still cute. Keep warm at the Village and good luck with your bike.


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