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Nano Training Camp: Week 9

I don’t know about you guys, but I am exhausted already. I’m starting to have doubts about this Nano thing–I have just had zero energy lately.

I did hit my word count goal every day except yesterday–I was out and about all day after not sleeping all night, so 1200 words was just too many for my overtaxed brain.

Week of Oct. 26: Finishing touches. Wrap up your outline. Gather any “inspirational” things that you want to have handy–a stack of movies that remind you of the feel of your novel, music that gets the gears turning, etc. Make sure that your work space is clean and tidy. Daily word count goal is 1500.

My other problem is that my “practice” piece is taking over. I want to work on it. I think about my character when I’m driving home from work, and try to come up with plot twists for her at night before bed. AJ, the character I had intended to work with, has been neglected since I finished my initial outline all the way back in week 3. I don’t want to lose the momentum I have with this new character, but I’ve also already put in the leg work for AJ to prep for November.

Decisions, decisions.