Anyone got a lighter?

My knitting is not going well this week. Actually, most of my week isn’t going well this week.

In terms of knitting, I’ve had to frog a project that I’ve been working on since May–my village socks. I discovered multiple problems with the fit of the toe, foot, and heel, and when I ripped back to correct the issue I discovered that the legs were two different sizes. I may or may not have been so angry that I threw them across the room.


I have one other project on the needles, but thankfully I am smart enough not to knit lace when thoroughly pissed off. The pattern is challenging enough for me without adding an altered state of mind.

My writing, unfortunately, has been hit or miss. The Query Quest continues to be an absolute failure, and it’s been getting to me. I had two days where I didn’t want to write at all, and actively avoided it. On the bright side however, when I’ve been writing I’ve been meeting or exceeding my goal, though to be fair I haven’t been keeping a strict record of my word count up to this point just because writing is such a habit that I know I’m usually hitting 750-1000 words every time I sit down to the computer. But, since we are starting to get to the high end of that count, I need to make sure that in the future (i.e. starting Monday) I am actively tracking my word count to make sure that I’m on target.

Adding to my frustrations, I’ve gone an injured myself. Nothing that with hinder my writing or knitting, in fact, something that will encourage those activities, since I can’t do much else right now. I dropped a ceramic bowl just so on my foot. Best cast scenario is that it is very badly bruised and painful to walk on.

I’m ignoring the worst case scenario, because my insurance isn’t good enough to cover x-rays. That, however, is a rant for a different blog post.

In the mean time, if someone would like to handle doing the dishes and taking out the trash for me, I’d appreciate it.

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