Nano 2015

Nano Training: Week 3

What is it with this time of year? It’s like kryptonite for computers. Every year around this time, one of our machines goes down.

Saturday Missouri woke up to the blue screen of death on her computer, and then it refused to boot. We’re currently sharing my laptop, which is apparently having hard drive issues. I do still have the ancient Mac Mini limping along, but it is so old now that I can’t even update my browser anymore, and it’s not powerful enough to take a new OS.  So it looks like once again, I’ll be cobbling together a manuscript on the typewriter and through various computers.

Thankfully, 90% of my data is already backed up, and I’m hoping to get a new external hard drive within the next month or so. In the mean time I’ve got Dropbox and Google docs that I’m leaning on.

At least it happened during the prep work, and not in the middle of Nano.

Speaking of, here is this week’s assignment:

Week of Sept. 21: Conditioning begins today! Start with writing 500 words a day–on anything. Journal entries, blog posts, random prompts from the internet. Get in the habit of sitting down each day and writing.

I like to use a little pocket planner to keep track of my word count, so that I can tell at a glance which days I met my goal and which ones I didn’t. I know some people like to use spreadsheets or other methods. Do you have a favorite?