Falling into Place

It’s that time of year when people start putting pumpkin into everything. Coffee. Bread. Ice cream.

I love it.

It’s cool enough for pleasant bike rides. I drink tea year round, but this is the *perfect* weather for it. Tea, hot chocolate–and fresh baked goods. Yum!

I want to curl up with a stack of books and a huge pile of yarn.

Too bad this silly thing called a “job” keeps getting in the way (darn bills, always insisting that they be paid…).

I’m already starting to think about Halloween. Plotting my costume, stashing candy, and putting together list of movies to watch that is turning truly epic (especially when you add in television shows and the sheer number of episodes involved).

Fall is changes. Even though I hate winter with a passion, I’m ready for some change. I’m ready for things to move forward, and even if the only thing that changes is the weather, I’d like for something, at least, to be different.

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