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August Goal Update

1. Do something active for 20 minutes  5 times a week

Doing really good on this one. It’s usually about an hour. I did skip 1 day this month because I wasn’t feeling good, but otherwise I’ve been hitting the 30 minute minimum every day. I am FINALLY starting to see some very minimal results, so I just need to keep going at this pace.

2. Travel

None happening right now. Gettysburg is in jeopardy.
3. Writing/Publication

I sent out 5 queries in July, bringing my total to 29. So far I’ve received 12 rejections, and not much else. I am editing the next story in the queue, however, putting the final touches on a short story that should be on Smashwords soon, I’ve written half of another short story, and I’m throwing around ideas for another short that I hope to have complete by the end of August. I’m also starting to think about Nano and trying to get my ducks in a row for that.

4. Pay off some debt

Pfft. My hours finally increased at work, but that has been balanced out by some unexpected bills. I’m basically treading water and trying to keep my head up when massive waves come in my direction.