Camp Planning

I’m not taking part in the July session of Camp Nano, but I am thinking ahead to November, trying to put my plan of action into place.

Two years ago, I had a whole list of things set up, but that’s geared more for starting a new project. This year, I’ll be continuing last year’s novel. I hit 50,000 words in 2014 (barely!) but I still have at least 1/3-1/2 of the story to go.

I’m planning on getting as many side projects out of the way in July and August as I can, so that way my entire focus for the fall can be on Magic in the Headlines. And alas, once again there will probably be minimal typewriter usage. I do plan on setting aside a couple of days for type-ins, however!

Here’s a look at the workflow I’m planning this far:
July–exhaust side projects
August–print MS, re-read, make notes. Compile an inspiration list (books, movies, music, etc)
September–edit anything that absolutely can’t wait until November, plot point changes, etc.
October–Additional research and outlining, wrap up side projects

Good luck to everyone at camp!

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