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Is it over yet?

This week has been sooo long, and it’s not over yet.

Last weekend was a big family celebration. I went up to the lake with my parents, grandma, and aunt, and we celebrated Father’s Day/my birthday. Tons of fun and great food were had by all, and i walked away with a great steampunk hat, among other things.

Monday was a trip to the dentist. I’m going to a new one now, and he once again proved that my dad knows everyone–turns out they are in the same car club!

Tuesday was my uncle’s birthday, Wednesday was mine. Thursday I spent at the village, and tonight is a trip to the movies with Missouri to celebrate said birthday.

To top things off, we have a lot of people on vacation at work, including the two people I usually lean on when questions/problems come up.

And all weekend long is the House Divided reenactment at the village!


So don’t mind me if I just collapse in a heap come Monday. Going back to work (with everyone present and accounted for) will feel like a break after all of this.