This is the ball that never ends…

photo 2Yes it goes on and on my friends…

So far with this one ball of yarn I’ve made  a hat, a pair of fingerless gloves, and I’m currently about 1/3 of the way through with yet another Charlotte. I am starting to wonder, however, if I’ve over estimated it’s capabilities, however. It’s starting to look a little thin…

Oh well; I’m not particularly happy with the mitts, so if I run out of yarn I’ll just frog those.

I’ve been in a bit of a knitting rut, lately. I’m not so keen on that teal cabled sweater I’ve been working on for so long. I’ve gotten to the point where I hate it. I kind of want to set fire to the whole thing, and since it’s acrylic, I’m not even sure that it’s worth finishing. There’s also something wrong with my tension on the sleeves, and they aren’t coming out the way I want. But I’ve put so much work into it, and three years of my life, and I hate the thought of ripping it out or throwing it away.

Additionally, there is a definite link between my anxiety levels and the amount of knitting I do. I was fine from March-May, so I didn’t really knit much. Hardly anything at all. But for the past two weeks I’ve had this unreasonable feeling of impending doom, so out the needles came. I don’t need another Charlotte, but I love the pattern (Which explains why I have two of them, and made another for Missouri).

At least now it’s the weekend.



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