Goals 2015

June Goal Update

1. Do something active for 20 minutes  5 times a week

May was…not great on this front. I still get bored with my work outs way too easily. I’m in a rut, I guess, since I don’t see results even when I meet my goal for weeks on end.

2. Travel

No excursions planned for the summer, but I’m starting to look at activities and lodging for the fall when we plan to go to Gettysburg.

3. Writing/Publication

I did do quite a bit of writing in May, and I sent out the first submission packet of the year. I’m waiting to hear back on that front before I move forward with Magic in Bedlam, but I did start a new project and pick up an old one that hasn’t seen daylight since before Nano.

4. Pay off some debt

I had some extra cash in May, so I was able to put extra down on almost all of my loans.