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The (hand)Written Word

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Here are some examples of Spencerian written with one of my favorite drawing nibs, and also with the nib that came in my new pen. I love the pen itself, but the nib is taking some getting used to. It’s very fussy. The last sample is my natural handwriting, which is a combination of Palmer (what all of my teachers learned) and Zaner-Bloser (what they taught us in elementary school) mixed with some of my own quirks.


The little tear on the last page is courtesty or Hermes. While I was sitting at my roll top desk writing all of this out, he was napping on top of the desk. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door that startled both of us. Hermes panicked, leaping down from his perch  and landed in my ink well. Black ink went everywhere: all over my desk, my computer, all of my notebooks. It was on the fridge, all over the kitchen floor (my desk is massive so it sits in the “dinning” area of our apartment). He left a trail of paw prints, perfectly stamped on our beige carpet, all the way down the hall to Missouri’s room, then back to my room, down the hall, and back to the living room.

I couldn’t even be mad at him, since I know he didn’t want to land in my ink any more than I wanted to clean it up. But it still took 4 hours, 2 trips to the hardware store, and 2 different carpet shampooers to get the carpet clean again, and it still needs a second pass.


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  1. Beautiful handwriting!
    Quite an informative post on the history of the different writing styles. Thanks. I don’t know which I learned in the 60’s. All I know is it all got lost when I went to college and tried to keep all the lecture notes I could. Spencerian is my favorite script. I used to sit for hours reading the minutes of our fire department meetings that were written during the 1800’s.
    Too bad about the ink. Funny how it will stick to fingers, cloth, carpet and everything else, but a bit of dampness removes or smears it on the paper.


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