Book Haul!

photo 1 (2)      Wow. Just, wow.

For the last three weeks I’ve been immersed in books. When I haven’t been reading, I’ve been writing, or talking to authors, or editors, or aspiring authors.

And I’ve done a lot of book shopping.

The last time I got this many books in such a short period of time, I think I was in college. In fact, I’m pretty sure it was on the trip Missouri and I took to London, which resulted in the purchase of an extra suitcase so that we could take all of the books home again, and another bag tearing itself apart because it was so stuffed with books. London, UK, and Dublin, Ireland are still my favorite cities to go book shopping, but conventions and the internet also open up the options.

(If you want to read a summary of any of the books here, the titles all link back to their Goodreads page.)

photo 2 (4)

The first items to get added to the bookshelf are actually signed copies I picked up at Steampunk Symposium.

The Eterna Files is the latest book from Leanna Renee Hieber. Leanna is a staple at Symposium, and we usually end up chatting with her several times over the course of the weekend.

John R. White is another familiar face from Symposium. I meant to track down an ebook copy of Tales of the Airship Neverland last year, but never got around to it. I love Peter Pan, so I’m really excited to read his take on it!

photo 4 (2)Around the same time I was getting ready for the convention, someone on Tumblr pointed me in the direction of I’m warning you, it’s a dangerous place to be, especially since all orders over $10 ship free!

I picked up Dark Metropolis, since it’s dark, magic, and 1920s all rolled into one, and Steel because I love the Kitty books by Carrie Vaughn. This is her first foray into Young Adult, and it sounds promising.

I got addicted to The Witches of East End on Netflix, and since television/movies seems to be how I find all of my favorite books of late, I picked up the first book in the series.

Doubletake and Slashback are the next two books I need to read in the Cal Leandros series by Rob Thurman. While I haven’t read them yet, I do highly recommend the series for fans of urban fantasy, horror, or anyone looking for something dark, mysterious, and with lots of exciting twists and action.

photo 3 (2)From the local chain book store came book 2 in the Outlander series, Dragonfly in Amber, so that I don’t have to wait three months for it to come in at the library. By chance, Missouri stumbled across Fashion: The Collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute. If you follow any of the costume boards on Pinterest, then you might have an idea of some of the stuff in their collection, which is amazing. This is going to be a great costume reference!

photo 4 (3)






Every day on the way home from work, we drive past Half Price Books, which means we stop in at least once every pay period. Usually I’m pretty good at restraining myself, but I have been looking to start a new urban fantasy series, since all but one of my favorites are either complete or I’ve caught up on them. Dead Witch Walking was recommended by Missouri, so it’s the next one I’m going to try.

Gift books don’t count, right? Russian Literature is for a friend.

Back in high school, I remember reading the Great and Terrible Beauty series by Libba Bray. Those books are so good, but they will mess you up. So of course, I’ve been feeling the urge to re-read them. I found this one on sale for $1 on the clearance shelf, but I’m a little wary. If you’ve ever seen the hardbound versions of these books in person, then you know that they are roughly the size of a Bible. I can’t imagine one of those enormous books getting condensed down into a trade paperback that isn’t even an inch thick, but I can’t find any evidence that this copy is abridged. Still…

There were so many books added to my collection in the last three weeks, that I had to add an extra To Be Read shelf on my night stand:

photo 3Just for comparison, here is Missouri’s book haul for the same period:

photo 3 (3)12 books to 9. I think I win. 🙂

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