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1. Do something active for 20 minutes  5 times a week

I decided to tweak this goal a little bit, because the old version wasn’t putting me where I wanted to be. I’ve been sticking to it pretty well, though I’ll admit that Symposium did kind of throw a wrench in things.

In April, the weather finally broke, so I can start walking outside again. Two laps around our complex is 30 minutes, making it the perfect exercise after work. I also learned some new yoga poses and some basic belly dancing moves at the convention, so I’ll be working those in.

2. Travel

Yep! Made it to Cinci and back in one piece. The squatters at the hotel kind of put me off long distance traveling for a while, but now I can turn my attention to the possibility of going to Gettysburg in the fall. Around the time we were planning that trip, we discovered this is also a really cool steampunk convention scheduled in southern Ontario, which will take place in one of the old forts! I doubt we’ll be able to go, since it would require significantly more time off and money than we had planned, but it’s definitely something that is up for consideration.

3. Writing/Publication

Still no query letters, but that should change within the next week! I have three chapters that still need tweaking, but two are very minor and should be done by the time this post goes live or shortly thereafter. The last one is going to be my weekend project, so by Monday I should officially be querying for Magic in Bedlam!

4. Pay off some debt

I feel like this is a case of two steps forward, one step back. I’m working more hours now, which is a huge help. But the weekend before the convention I got a flat tire–the shredded kind of flat. Since my car only came with one of those mini-spares that can’t be driven on the freeway or for long distances, this means that all of my extra cash is going to getting four new tires put on my car this weekend ($650. Ouch!) I was planning on getting new tires this summer anyway, but I was thinking more like September, not May…At any rate, I was still able to put a little extra down on all of my student loans and on my credit cards. I’ve got about $500 left on one of my student loans, so I think that if I’m careful I might be able to pay it off this year, which would be a huge load off! I’m also officially on the homestretch of my car loan–only 1 year left! I can’t wait until that is done.

So that’s where I stand. I think I made a lot of progress last month, but I’ve still got a ways to go.