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How are the Nano Campers doing on their goals?

I confess. I suck. I’ve written a total of 400 new words on my Camp Nano story this month. I did absolutely no prep work, and it shows. I’m not even in the right head space for this story right now, so I think I’m just going to go back to the book I was editing in the first place and try to crank through those last eight chapters that need revising. AJ will still be there in July and again in November; I can finish her story then, after I have the first book in the series completely nailed down (and, hopefully, off to a publisher).

I have a hypothetical for you writerly types. Say that you have a finished draft. Polished up nice and shiny, ready to go out to an agent or publisher. Say that you have a previous relationship with a publishing house, one where you have a pretty decent shot of having this work accepted with minimal changes during the revision process. BUT, this is a small house, and your book will probably never see a print run at a major book store. On the other hand, you could query dozens and dozens of agents and publishers that you have no connection to, and wait months for a response that will probably be no. But if one happens to say yes, it would mean your book shows up at B&N and all of those other bookshops. The trade off is that there might be changes required of the story to make it more “marketable.” Which do you choose?