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April Goal update

1. Do something active for 15 minutes 4 times a week

I’ve been doing pretty decent on this, usually putting in closer to 20 minutes five times a week, but it’s not enough; I’m not where I want to be, and I think I’m more holding steady than changing.

I’m a little torn on what to do; I have a shoulder problem that complicates issues. I think that needs to be more under control before I can do anything else in terms of fitness.

2. Travel

I have a trip at the end of this month! It’s just to Cincinnati for Steampunk Symposium, but it should still be fun!

3. Send out 2 query letters every month

I’m still stalled on this one. I have about 2/3 of one manuscript edited, but now it’s Camp Nano and I’m trying to finish up another project. I did not meet my editing goal for March.

4. Pay off some debt

My hours have finally picked up at work, and with my tax refund I was able to get a few things I’ve been putting off (like a mattress!) and now I’m turning my attention to debt and car maintenance. I wish that tires weren’t so expensive!

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  1. You need to pay a visit to WordPlay while in Cincy. You might even catch Richard P. there tweaking a typewriter at the Urban Legend Institute.

    Have fun Steampunking.


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