Goodbye sweater, hello frog pond

So way back when I was living in Florence, I found this book at the English book store, Vintage Knitwear for Modern Knitters (Ravelry page). It was a great combination of hilarious duds and elegant classics, so I bought the book for about 5 euro and then it languished on a shelf for ages since I couldn’t afford sweater quantities of yarn.

A few months ago, I got received 10 balls of a pink bamboo/wool blend from a Ravelry friend who as been destashing. after much hemming and hawing, I finally decided that the right pattern for this yarn would be the pattern than convinced me to by the book–the Jacket with Frog Fasteners (Ravelry link).

I made some swatches, took some measurements, and read the directions carefully. Finally I determined that to get the size I needed, I would have to cast on 220 stitches, and away I went.

The pattern was easy to memorize. There’s very little shaping involved. I got the first ball done in no time, and then added in the second.

It was around this time that I discovered a problem.

And then another problem.

First, my swatch lied. Even though the tension was just what I wanted, it turned out that 220 stitches would still leave me about 6″ short, thanks to that overlap at the front of the sweater.

The second problem came when I added the second ball. I looked at what I’d done so far. And then I looked at my torso. And I measured. And I measured again. And then I double checked my knitting. And then I might have thrown things and done a little swearing.

I’m about 2 balls short of what I would need to complete this sweater. Maybe three. And that’s before tearing everything out to cast on those extra 6″.

I don’t want to add another color because of the texture of the sweater. I suppose that I could knit the body in the pink, and then pick a contrast for the edging and collar, but plain and simple, I don’t wanna. I *like* solid colors (point of fact, I don’t think I own a single patterned garment outsidephoto 1 of my plaid PJs. Okay, maybe I have two or three, but they’re all in my summer, non-work wardrobe).

I could look for more of the same yarn, but then there’s the fact that this yarn is a few years old and was sent to me by someone out of state. I’m not sure (or all that confident) that I could find the same yarn in the same dyelot, if I chose to go that route.

So I guess this yarn will go back into hibernation until I can find a nice sweater vest that I want to make instead.