Antique Market Haul

I am so tired, you guys. Yesterday I went to the Scott Antique Market downtown with Missouri and my mom. For those not from the Columbus area, this is a massive antique market we have at the fairgrounds that runs selected weekends from November-March. Yesterday wrapped up their 2014-15 season.

Since it was the very last day, it wasn’t very busy. There were more people early on, but a lot of the booths began clearing out around 11-12, and the customers soon followed suit.

There were a lot of things that I really wanted, like an antique Singer sewing machine with all of the accessories ($325, well outside my budget) and some reproduction signs that said things like “Lunatic Asylum: Ladies Ward” which would have been perfect in our living room, since that’s just the kind of twisted that Missouri and I are.

photo 1I did spot a couple of drastically overpriced typewriters, like this Oliver. It’s in great condition (don’t let my crappy picture fool you) but I thought that $130 was a little much. I did take some reference pictures for my own Oliver, though.

I was also tempted by this electric Smith Corona. The test sheet seemed to prove that it was in perfect working order, even though there wasn’t a place to plug it in and test it out. I’ve been considering getting an electric machine, but I’m so fond of my manuals. I’m not certain that I can “upgrade” now. photo 4

SC seemed to be the brand of the day; I didn’t see a single other make except for the Oliver. But with prices starting at $70 and skyrocketing from there, my collection didn’t get any new additions this go around.

Don’t think that I was a bastion of self restraint, though! I did find a few small items that had me parting with some hard earned cash:

photo 2 - Copy
clockwise: metal buttons, teapot shaped tea strainer, set of 4 US1 sock needles, watch pendant, tortoise shell hair combs, February 1954 Women’s Day magazine

The first thing I found was the magazine. I’ve been wanting to get some books or magazines from the mid 50s to go along with my car show costume. I guess I’m a little nutty like that. I picked this one because of the sewing patterns advertised on the cover, and because I spotted some interesting articles while I was skimming through it. I haven’t had a chance to read them yet, though.

When we decided to go to the market, I had two things that I wanted to find: a collection of metal buttons, and a wind up-style watch that I could use in the village and for costuming. I found both! The buttons were part of a deal–fill a bag for $1–and were much more reasonably priced than other booths that were charging $1 a button or more. My button stash is now replenished.

The watch is almost exactly what I was looking for. I wish that it was silver, rather than gold, but since the earrings I usually wear in the Village are gold, I guess it will do. I wanted something that wound up since I’ve had to throw out 2 modern pocket watches in the last six months after the batteries died. Even replacement batteries weren’t enough to get them moving again, so I decided it was time for something a little more dependable, something that could sit during the off season without dying completely. I still need to find a chain for the pendant, though.

And now, I think that it’s time to put my feet up!

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