Cabin Fever

It’s that time of year again, when the snow finally starts to melt and we see the sun for the first time in ages.

And then the cold comes back and we all want to crawl back in bed and hide again.

It’s the time of year when running away from home seems like a good idea. Somewhere sunny with a beach and some palm trees sounds good, but there are a lot of other options, too. Surprisingly, I’ve only been to four of the cities on that last–5, if you count the day we spent in Paris.


I haven’t been out of the country in years, or taken a real vacation. Now that Missouri and I aren’t scraping by anymore, we’re hoping to save up for another trip to Europe in 2017, specifically to Ireland. We went to Dublin in college, but didn’t get the opportunity to see any of the other cities or travel to the countryside. This is in part because I refuse to drive in Europe. I get anxious just driving in downtown Columbus, I don’t think I’m ready for a foreign country! Even when Mom and I went to Montreal a few years back, it took us an hour to get to the hotel. We could see it, but we couldn’t find the road to get to it! After that, we took the subway everywhere and let my uncle handle any driving in town.

Chinatown, Montreal.

It sounds kind of crazy, but that’s one of my favorite things about Dublin, London, and Montreal: Reliable public transit. In Montreal, I could time the bus to the minute. In Columbus, your bus may or may not show up at all, especially after 7pm. Public transit was actually worse in Florence (remind me to tell you about the time my bus hit a construction barrier, and then I wound up stranded 30 miles from the city with no idea where I was and a dead cell phone), but it didn’t matter because you could walk from one end of the city to the other in about an hour. Here? We don’t even have sidewalks in a good portion of the city, and biking means taking your life into your hands (not that I would have biked in Florence or

Santa Croche chocolate festival, Florence

London, either. After a year in Italy, I’m convinced that Italians just lose their minds when they see a road. Doesn’t matte if they are walking, biking, or driving. They go insane.

My passport expires in two years, and it hasn’t been used in five. I’m determined to get at least one more trip in before I have to renew it.

P.S: if you are planning on going someplace soon, tell me where! Also, you might find these tips useful.



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  1. Personally I’m not planning any travel. I do hope you and Missouri can make a trip to Ireland or any place for a relaxing time. Not to rub it in, but the weather’s been like summer here.


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