Finished Object Friday

What have I finished in the past month?

Well, the Owl Cowl is finally complete, and has been worn several times by the photo 4recipient.

The yarn is Berroco Weekend DK, which is mostly cotton. Word of advice: cables+cotton=murder on your hands. That right there is the main reason it took me two and a half months to finish. Add color work on top of it and it was really fiddly.

photo 1photo 2Once that was done, I was in a finishing state of mind–I wanted to get some older projects off my list. I knew that I was getting close on the enormous living room afghan, so that was the next project I attacked. Just in time, too! The next two days did not get above 10F, and we had some wicked winds to boot.

If the cowl was fiddly, then this was just the opposite. It’s all stockinette, with a garter and eyelette border. The yarn is one of those enormous balls of acrylic yarn that come from Michaels (four of them, to be precise). I knit the last six inches while watching subtitled Korean dramas on Netflix.

The K-dramas carried me through my next project, too:

photo photo 1I started swatching on a Thursday and was able to wear the finished object on Monday. The  skull pattern around the bottom is my own design, and it took a few tries to get it just right.

I love this cowl, and I love wearing it to work. Our office is FREEZING, so knitwear is a must! I also tend to find “professional” clothing to be dull and restrictive, so if I can put a little personality into my work wardrobe, then I’m a happy camper!

A week after I finished it, though, the weather broke and now it’s been in the 50s. Such a relief! It’s hardly been above freezing for the past three months. I guess it’s time to turn my attention to summer knitting!