Bookish Questions of Tumblr

I found this list of questions on Tumblr. Originally, it was 21 questions, but I’m amending it a little since I’ve already answered some of them in other posts. The full list can be found here, if you’re interested. Take a peek–I’d love to read some of your answers, too!

1:What’s the first book you can remember reading as a child?
On my own? I had a picture book that was something like “The Dumb Bunnies” and was absolutely ridiculous, but it made me laugh. I know that wasn’t the first one I read, but it’s the first one that stuck in my head.

2:Do you have any playlists you listen to while reading?
Not really. Sometimes I’ll listen to music, but I like to sing along and it’s really hard for me to sing along and concentrate on what I’m reading at the some time. Usually I prefer silence when I read.

3:Where’s your favorite place to read?
I usually read in bed, but this can happen at any time of day since we don’t own a couch after the Bedbug Fiasco of 2013. Eventually we will get a new one.

4:Which book had the greatest impact on your life?
Meet Kirsten. This was the first book I read that I loved, that made me love to read. It sparked an interest in foreign cultures and costume, historical fiction, and adventure stories with female leads.

5:Which author would you be thrilled to go out for coffee with?
JK Rowling. The more I read about her, the more I love her as a person. I would love to talk world building and politics with her.

6:Do you have a Goodreads account?
Yep. You can find me under my nom de plume, Sophia Beaumont.

7:Do you read fanfiction?
I used to, back in high school, but not so much anymore. My favorite fandoms were Gundam Wing and Sailor Moon, especially the cross overs.

8:Have you ever met any authors in person?
Yes! To date I have met Kathy Reichs, Jim Butcher, Tanya Huff, Leanna Renee Hiber, and C.E. Murphy.

9:If you were to live in any universe from books you’ve read, which would it be?
Probably Harry Potter. I’d love to be able to use magic.

10:Preferred reading format– ebooks, physical books, or both?
I usually have one of each plus an audio book going at all times. The ebook travels with me, the physical book sits by my bed, and the audio book gets listened to at work. For this reason, my audio book is usually nonfiction, so that I don’t start laughing or crying suddenly at work. I’m a very expressive reader!