Works in Progress

Nothing super interesting to show this month, just some repeat projects. I’ve got a couple of things planned that I’ll be working on later, though.

photo 1The socks are part of my Village gear. I like to keep a pair on the needles at all times to work on during quiet moments. At our training weekend last month, was able to do everything from the top of the heel down to the toe. Since the pattern is my own design, I’ve been working on the second sock on and off, just so I don’t forget where I am in the pattern.

My other go-to project has been blanket squares. My collection of tiny balls of scrap yarn was starting to getphoto 5 out of hand, so I decided it was time to knock out a few more squares. I’ve done six in the last month or so, and have at least four more started, waiting for more coordinating yarn. Anyone want to help me weave in ends?


And a bonus Hermes shot, because it is impossible to take a picture around here without a cat getting in the way.

photo 2