Goals 2015

March Goal Update

I am so glad that February is over. Though to look outside right now, it may not be as far away as I would like. Please, someone make the snow stop.

1. Do something active for 15 minutes 4 times a week

I didn’t do as well this month. I hardly did anything the week Grandpa died, and our weather has been dishearteningly cold and wintery. The only exercise I want right now is running through the airport to catch a flight to someplace tropical.

2. Travel

I’ve been ogling way to too many places with palm trees that I can’t afford to visit.

3. Send out 2 query letters every month

Temporarily on hold. Still waiting to hear back from two of my betas, so I pulled an old story out of moth balls and started revising it. I think with a few tweaks, it will be ready for beta, too.

4. Pay off some debt

February sucked. Can I just say that? I managed to pay off the work I had done on my car in October, but no progress on anything else.

 Gah. I hope that March is better.
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