Is anyone planning on doing Camp Nanowrimo in April? I’m thinking about it. I hit the 50,000 word goal back in November, but haven’t finished the story yet (I think it will be about 75,000 words).

I haven’t written much of anything aside from blog posts since Nano ended. I need to get back to writing, especially after the last few weeks. Even journaling has been hard. Part of it is the season. Part of it is just stress from work, life, etc. And of course, grief has been an issue. Usually in times like this, I practically live inside a journal, but lately the words haven’t been coming as freely as they normally wood. I’ve been escaping into books, instead. The kind not written by me.

So anyway, I was just wondering if anybody else is going to try a writing challenge of any sort in April? I’ll probably be haunting the Brigade Nano forum, if anyone wants to chat….

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