Finished Object Friday

The good news in all of this is that I’m a stress knitter. The more upset I am, the photo 4more I knit.

I finished the Bloody Brilliant hat on Friday. It’s a slip stitch pattern, so it’s extra thick for warmth. I wanted something slouchy that I could pull on over a bun or a pony tail.

The yarn is Woolmeise “Evil Twin” that I got in a swap back in December. The photos really don’t do it justice. The purple gradates from royal to electric purple, and I adore it. It practically glows in Sunlight.

I also knocked out a little dice bag. We’ve started playing Call of Cuthulu with Missouri’s family once a month. I found my dice, but couldn’t find the old bag that I kept all of my character sheets and dice in, photo 4(1)back when we played D&D in college. And for some reason, in both cases, the bags are green and yellow stripes.

The yellow is some leftover acrylic (actually, I think it might be the same ball that was used for the original bag), and the green is handspun. I got a nub of some really pretty fiber last summer at one of the Ohio Village events, but the yield on it was very disappointing. What you see is pretty much all there was.

The Owl Cowl was on hold while I finished the hat, and I’ve gone back to it this week. I hope it’s finished soon. Then I’ll be wrapping up the Sweater That Never Ends. Hopefully I can pick a new project after that!

Bonus knitting shot with Loki:

photo 1