The Year of Publication

I mean it this time!

I’ve mentioned the 6 finished drafts sitting on my hard drive. I’ve earmarked two of them as priorities for this year, and I’m determined to get them off of my desk and out into the world. I’ve got a basic query letter drafted, and my first submission will go out as soon as I hear back from my first beta reader.

Additionally, I have two short stories I’ll be polishing up and sharing with you this year. These were originally published with Torquere, but are now out of print. I’ll let you guys know once they are up on Smashwords, ready to be downloaded for your reading pleasure.

I’ve got two other novels that I want to finish writing this year, but I doubt that they will be ready for publication before December.

Lastly, I want to get the illusion patterns off my desk once and for all. Censored kind of fell apart on me. The remaining patterns will go out as stand-alones later this year, and then it’s time for me to move on to something else. I’ve learned a lot from the experience, but to be honest I’m kind of sick of it. I might revisit the idea in time, but I’m more than ready to do something new now.

Any other writers out there have goals for this year? Are you just trying to meet your word count, or is there a project that you’re focusing on?

1 thought on “The Year of Publication”

  1. Six finished drafts! I hope to get a couple of screenplays finished this year, or at the very least, one. First half of 2015 will be busy with other stuff, but I hope to get into a writing routine at some point. Best of luck to you.


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