Current Projects

DSCF0768 I don’t have a whole lot to show at the moment, but since the holidays are over I have been working on the Evie Shell. I split for the front and back just before Christmas, and since then it has been flying along. I’ve got about 1″ left on the front before I can kitchner the shoulder straps together, and then I just need to pickup for the edging around the arm holes and neck line. I should have this one done soon!

Of course, around here it is impossible to take any photos without cat butt being involved. Look how innocent Loki looks. DSCF0772

I’m not certain; have I introduced you all to Loki? He joined our household right around Thanksgiving. He’s now about 4.5 months old, fluffy as can be, and  total trouble maker. But very, very cute.

He and Hermes have been getting along surprisingly well. They’ve had a few small spats, but Missouri caught them sharing a blanket on my bed the other day, and they’ve also tag-teamed to steal my dinner so they definitely getting along better than I’d hoped!DSCF0781

With the Christmas knitting complete, I’m also back to working on a cowl that I promised Missouri eons ago. It’s her design, but I’m doing the legwork on this one. She insisted on vertical stripes and an owl cable. That is the last time I let the recipient dictate the pattern! It’s been a pain in the butt to work on, but it’s coming along nicely. I’ve got another owl repeat left before I can finally cast off.

I do have one other project, but it’s not something that photographs all that well in a tiny space. Enormous afghan is enormous, but I promise I’ll share pictures when it’s all done. I’m on the last ball of yarn, so it should be done before winter is over. Hopefully. 🙂