12 (or so) Crafts of Christmas

Every year I say that I’m done with handmade gifts. They take longer than I usually have time to spend on them, they are usually under appreciated, and quite frankly I’d rather knit for myself–at least if it’s for me, I can make sure it fits before I call it done!

But once again I wound up knitting gifts this year. Sadly, due to the time crunch, I wasn’t able to get photos.

So what made it on the list this year?

3 infinity cowls (crochet)
1 Cthulu hat (knit)
3 kitchen towels (crochet)
3 wash cloths (crochet)
1 money chain (origami)

And for myself, I made:

1 reticule (crochet)
1 money pouch (crochet)
2 petticoats (sewn)
1 wash cloth (crochet)

Yes, I made a literal chain of money. My dad is hard to shop for, so I took $50 in ones and fives, folded them up into a paper chain, tied a bow to one end and popped it into a holiday tissue box (it had  a slit the right size for the chain already in it, and it was decorated). Lazy wrapping? Sure. But you should have seen the look of glee on my dad’s face when he started pulling out a chain of money. Watching him unfold the bills to see how much he got was like watching a little kid on Christmas morning. Easiest Christmas present ever, and it went over like a dream.

The things I made for myself were mostly for my Village costume. You’ll get to know more about that as the year goes on, so I’ll save the pictures for now. They’re pretty basic, anyway. But, stick around because eventually, you will see them.

Geeze, all of that in a month. And I wrote a short story! Is it any wonder my hands are tired?