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Nano Type-In, Part the First

What is one to do when there are no type ins in their area?

Host one’s own, of course.

I’ve always wanted to use a typewriter for nano, but due to…restraints, I couldn’t. I also keep wanting to take one to type ins, now that I have a functionable portable, but I’m always afraid of disrupting other writers or patrons.

Clearly, there was only one solution: to host a type in on my home turf. Or, close enough.

We used the community room for our apartment complex. There was just barely enough seating in the game room, but we came up a little short on outlets. Thankfully, my apartment was a within sight of the building, so it was no hardship at all to run home for a power strip and an extension cord.

We provided tea, soda, and chips, along with four typewriters for guest’s writing pleasure, freshly cleaned and oiled that morning.

And then I waited. Two o’clock came and went. And then two fifteen. At twenty past, the first guest peeked his head in shyly. We chatted for a few moments, but I was too nervous to sit down to work. He had brought a laptop. Once again, I was afraid of pulling out a typewriter, even though that was what the event was designed for. Besides, I’d gone through all the trouble of writing up bios of each machine sharing a little typewriter history as well as the story of the individual machine, since none of those who had said they were coming were members of the Brigade or the Mafia.

At two-thirty, just as I was about to give up, there was a sudden onslaught of eager writers, some with typewriters in tow! Finally, we were getting down to business.

For three hours, our group pounded away on keyboards of various sorts. I managed to type up about four pages in between talking history, story craft, typewriter repair, and looking at photos of the most incredible typewriter collection I’ve ever seen.

As an added bonus, one of the typospherians happens to run a repair shop, and was able to point out what exactly the problem was with my Remington. Turns out a drop of oil in the right place is all it will take (and somehow I’ve managed to miss that sweet spot in all of the times I’ve tired to work on it).

I have another write in today, and I’m hoping to put together another type in for later in the month, since there were several people who expressed interest but were unable to attend. Hopefully next time I will remember my camera!

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