Finished Object Friday

Well, will you look at that! I finished a few things!

DSCF0731I refer to this shawl as The Sea Monster. I was supposed to be an illusion project, but then it got completely out of hand. I liked the colors so well on their own that I decided to leave off the secret message I was planning on working into it.

Aside from the color, the shawl got it’s name from the 1,000+ stitches that I cast off. To make things go a little faster, I used a crocheted cast off, which turned my soft ruffle into something resembling brain coral.


My next project wasn’t nearly so labor intensive. I knit most of a pair of socks DSCF0725during a twelve hour drive to West Virginia and back (both on the same day…that was a REALLY long day) only to discover that I had made a really bad counting error in the heel flap of one sock which resulted in it being 15 stitches larger than the other. Still, they were both done within a week of cast on, and not only to they fit the recipient, but she seems to like them (even if all of the interesting colors somehow got to the inside of the skeins and didn’t actually make it into the socks themselves…).

The best part of these socks is that I was able to use them to work out my basic sock recipe, and I’ve finally got it down pat to the point where I really only have to remember 1 number in order to get it right, which is the cast on number. I whipped out another pair in this same style for my mom for her birthday, and they were a perfect fit.

Lastly, I took a break from the knitting to crochet an edge onto a handkerchief. My mom gave me several of these with some embroidery on them a few years ago, and I’ve been meaning to add borders to them. This one is basic crochet with pre-strung beads added in. It came out perfectly.



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