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Shh. Don’t tell.

I really wanted to do Nano with a typewriter this year. The sterling would be perfect for just such a task, and I’ve been meaning to give Henry and Louis more of a workout. But once again, I caved to convenience.

It comes down to one simple fact: I type faster on the computer. There’s no screwing around with scanners and uploading, I always know what my word count is and where the keys are.

Another factor to consider was that Missouri and I are on the same work schedule (she hates the sound of the typewriter) and our neighbor downstairs will report us for noise violations just for walking to the bathroom or the kitchen in the middle of the night. Sorry, but there’s not way I can cram 50,000 words into one month on someone else’s schedule.

I have three backups in place (dropbox, a flash drive, and google docs), and for the second year I’ll be using Scrivener. I used it last year and really liked it, and since my copy of MS Word Starter got corrupted a few weeks ago, I decided that it was finally time to spring for some new software.

I do plan on doing something typewriter themed this year for local wrimos, however, so stay tuned to see if it pans out….