Randomly, from the internet

I have a new favorite website to drool over: Victoriantradingco.com. They have ladies clothing, home decor, furniture, and more, all with a Victorian/Edwardian flair. It makes me wish that I actually owned a house, rather than renting a match-box sized apartment.

Along that same vein is Steamline Luggage, which as the name suggests, is all vintage-style luggage…with the addition of wheels and pull handles. I want a full set of the Correspondent in blue and brown. All of their luggage is sturdy and comes with TSA approved locks.

If you’re looking for entertainment that doesn’t come with a price tag, then you might check out these to articles from the Toast. I guess they’re a little older, but I just found them recently: Women Who are Not Having a Great Time in Western Art History and Women Who Want to be Alone in Western Art History. The captions that people have written for some of these paintings are guaranteed to make you smile.

Along that same vein, there’s also It’s About Time, which is a blog that gives brief history lessons with the aide of period paintings, prints, and illuminations. She also has a Twitter.