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My Pants are on Fire.

No, I’m not a liar. I’m just not really used to this whole “pantsing” thing that people talk about for Nanowrimo.

I’m a note taker and a list maker. I make lists of things to research. I fill my research materials with little post-its with notes, and flag the interesting bits that i want to copy. I make outlines, and then I rewrite my outlines. I map out timelines and sketch pertinent details. I prefer visiting locations before I write about them.

This year, I’ve done none of that. I did have a working outline for this story, but decided that it was all wrong and scrapped it. I was starting in the wrong place on the timeline. My main character wasn’t well developed enough. I added a major character and two out two supporting ones. The shift caused a drastic change in my world building, and I suddenly find myself needing to know all about dirigibles and zeppelins, and the difference between the two before this entire venture turns into the Hindenburg and I go down in flames on November 2.

I’ve got two backup plans if I can’t get my research for this story knocked out in time. Both take place in worlds that I have already researched, so the lack of outline is less of an issue. One is the sequel to the book I wrote my first Nano, the second is straight-up historical fiction that falls into the same geography/time period that I’ve been researching for both the historical society and another novel.

I keep telling myself that panic is normal this time of year. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be looking for a fire extinguisher.

3 thoughts on “My Pants are on Fire.”

  1. Here’s a useful link:

    All airships are dirigibles, but only rigid airships made in Germany by the Zeppelin company are Zeppelins. But other countries, at one time or another, also tried their hand at rigid airships, notably Britain and the US. France and Italy each received a WWII Zeppelin as war reparations.


  2. No difference. Only difference is if it is a blimp (no rigid airframe) or a dirigible (an interior rigid airframe).

    Best wishes for a successful NaNOWriMo.


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