Stress Knitting

This week at work was….Interesting? A Challenge? A disaster? All of the above?

I found myself doing something that I haven’t done in a while: stress knitting. I discovered after changing jobs back in April that one of the biggest reasons that I knit so much was stress–for years I was never without my knitting because I was a continual ball of anxiety when I worked in retail. I’ve gotten a little better about it and recently I’ve come back to is as an enjoyable hobby again and I’ve been working on getting some older projects off the needles so that I can start fresh. This past week I cranked out an entire pair of socks (okay, they were only ankle high, but still). One task I have this weekend is getting pictures of everything. I have four new projects, a pattern, and a WIP to share.

For now, I’ll just show you pictures of this one, pattern forthcoming:

DSCF0660 DSCF0673This one is actually a crocheted hat inspired by the main character of my Nanowrimo novel, AJ.

Perhaps before November hits, I should make a rhino hat?


2 thoughts on “Stress Knitting”

  1. Do you knit in a frenzy or knit to relax?

    I’m weird. When I’d get all stressed-out, I’d go up to our transmitter sight and sit on the tower to relax.


    1. Both. I knit constantly. I can’t stand the thought of leaving the house without it, usually, the way most people would go into a panic if they forgot their cell phones because of “emergencies.” If I’m upset then I start in a frenzy and then slowly zen out. If I’m not, then it keeps me from going into a frenzy in the first place.


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