Monthly Goal Update

I’m a little late, but I think that we can squeeze in an update here:

1. Do yoga/stretches at least 4x a week. 
Um….No. This one didn’t happen. At all. Not even remotely. I need to be better about this.

In my defense, I had bronchitis (again) for the whole of August. Breathing has been a challenge even when sitting still.

2. Finish 2 manuscripts by the end of the year.
This is already at 75% completion! I finished the manuscript that I was working on earlier in the summer and am currently in revisions. Almost immediately, I started on another story that has been floating around in my head since May. That project is about halfway done, give or take. I hope to have it finished by the end of this month, so that I can start prep work for NaNo.

3. Save up for a trip in 2015.

Temporarily on hold. I need to pay back some money I borrowed from family while unemployed, and I just found out that my car needs a rather expensive repair done in the next few weeks. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

But I’m torn. I’m think about Chicago as my destination of choice for some time next spring/summer. But also Williamsburg. If you only had 1 week of vacation time (like me) where would you choose?

4. Don’t get fired.

So far, so good! *fingers crossed*

2 thoughts on “Monthly Goal Update”

  1. Auch, too bad to hear about the car. Never any fun!

    And ehm, Chicago or Williamsburg? I don’t know. Think maybe Williamsburg. Chicago sounds to big for me. Could you even handle that in a week? What do *you* want to do in both cities? Make a list and see if it’s doable during the vacation time. And otherwise, which one is cheaper to get to and to sleep in?


  2. Sorry to hear of your car.

    I think you are a bit closer to Chicago than Williamsburg. (I’m guessing you are speaking of Williamsburg, VA) If you like history there may be more to see around Williamsburg. You’re close enough to visit Jamestown and Virginia Beach (although Buckroe is a bit closer and less commercialized).

    I like Chicago too. Tons of things to see and do in Chicago.

    I guess it depends if you fly to your destination or drive.


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